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Most Flexible Document Management Solution available today.

Simple User Interface

The Globodox User Interface is designed to be very friendly, and easy to use. This means there are no surprises, or an extensive learning curve before you start using it. The search-centric design and customization options make it a great tool to get your document management in order instantly.

  • Familiar outlook style interface
  • Search-centric design
  • Reuse Information
  • Built in OCR
  • Access documents from mobile devices
  • Quick Multi-user setup
  • Windows Active Directory Integration
  • Multi Language Support
  • Built-in Word and Excel Viewer
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Easy Adding & Sharing

Globodox lets you create content and add files on the fly, and in multiple ways. This saves a lot of time. Globodox also has great collaboration features which let you instantly share important document with greater control.

  • Add multiple documents and folders
  • Import indexing data
  • Powerful Scanning Features
  • One-click Email and Print

Comprehensive Document Management

Globodox is the complete solution for document management. It lets you manage your files and folders in the speediest way possible, and then lets you find them with minimum efforts because of it’s search centric design. It lets you sort the information in many ways, and gives you much more control on who can see what and who can change things around, something that is very important for teamwork and collaboration.

  • Organize using Folders and Tags
  • Organize using Document Types
  • Arrange documents using STACKS
  • Link multiple documents and stacks
  • Powerful Annotation features
  • Versioning
  • Draft the documents using minor versions
  • Check-in / Check-out feature

Custom Workflow

At Globodox, we know that document management will work best when it fits in well with your business processes. This is why Globodox is designed to let you create document workflows which route documents to users based on the rules you specify. This is as customized as it can get. This is available as an optional module for Globodox Standard and is included in Globodox Suite

  • Route documents with a single click
  • Receive automatic notifications about tasks and messages
  • Be a workflow design hero
  • Monitor workflows.
  • Auto stamp, auto publish and signature

Highly Secure

Globodox was designed keeping in mind the highest level of security from various perspectives. It’s equipped with latest technology in encryption and access permissions. This provides you with an additional control over privileges and confidentiality.

  • Map security roles
  • Control Access at any level
  • Reusable custom security labels
  • Hierarchical security groups
  • Control printing, saving and emailing
  • Industry standard encryptions like AES, Blowfish and Triple-DES
  • Event logging / Auditing