goBlue Consult

goBlue Consult employs a total performance system to help clients to maximise individual, team, and organisational performance. This holistic approach to our consulting work draws upon best practices in the areas of HR management, assessment, learning, and organisation development. We help our client organizations to focus on their “one thing,” that for which they have passion and capability and that which drives their economic engine. We accomplish this by maximizing the performance of people and work processes to ensure that a favourable return is offered to the bottom line. We:

  • assist companies to manage a competent workforce
  • facilitate and address all the stages of the employee lifecycle during the organisation development lifecycle
  • provide organisation development, talent management and change management solutions and interventions
  • align Human Resources strategies to business strategy
  • deliver flexible HR and operational solutions to suit business operations
  • fulfill temporary HR skills gaps making an immediate impact
  • deliver hands-on pragmatic solutions for situations which require specific expertise, direction and implementation
  • develop customer and / or industry specific training and development programmes
2014-08-29 05:47:33