goBlue Consult

goBlue Consult presents a programme that has been specifically designed to assist HR Professionals to develop the strategic business partnering skills required to understand their client’s HR requirements in the overall context of their business challenges and gain committed agreement to a proposed course of action.

The programme aims to develop three major consultative competencies:

  • Developing and maintaining effective strategic and operational client relationships.
  • Making sense of business complexity.
  • Establishing commitment to an agreed course of action.
  • It further aims to help facilitate the practitioner’s ability to analyse and understand the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats facing a business as a totality, as well as understanding the interfaces of the business, i.e. teams, departments, roles etc. This programme helps identify individual styles as well as shortcomings in relation to the organizational climate and culture and specifically to help understand the internal customer.

A framework is provided to help to examine possible intervention strategies needed and as a basis for creative problem-solving. It equips the HR practitioner to attune themselves to different organisational levels and quickly be able to assess the balance between the business and technical focus required for effective solutions and communication with clients at different levels of the organization. This skill is regarded as a critical competency for the new age HR practitioner as Strategic Business Partner.